Class trips / Youth trips

Class trips seen from an experience-oriented point of view

Achieving goals together with teamwork

To sit on a boat and pull together: sailing as a class trip is about the pupils’ teamwork. Friendships will be newly discovered or strengthened. Here, the classroom is put aboard the sailing ship. Nature, wind and tides will be experienced closely. For the children and teenager, it will be an unforgettable experience to go sailing as their class trip – no matter whether across the Baltic Sea, the Ijsselmeer, the Wadden Sea or many other sailing areas. We have developed favourable package holidays aboard our traditional sailing ships - especially for class – and youth trips. Naturally, we will organize the catering for you – if desired.


Be astonished by …

… the combination of relaxation and work, companionship and discipline, collectivity and cooperation. Mathematics and Physics will be put into practice while sailing. Even a biology lesson will be experienced very closely aboard. As regards history – you will feel transported back to the 17. Century when visiting some of the ports.


Go sailing without previous experience

No sailing knowledge is necesarry. Pupils and accompanying teachers and supervisors will receive instruction from the experienced crew. Of course, the trip will not only be about sailing. Numerous activities such as shore leaves including mudflat hiking tours, bicycle tours, trips to the beach and trips to the ports will be part of the class trip.

Travel cancellation insurance

You ask for travel cancellation insurance? We cooperate with our strong partner - the ERV – European travel cancellation insurance. With this, your trip will also be insured against the absence of a teacher or pupils who had to leave the class before the trip.

Safety on board

The classification society “Register Holland“ will ensure the safety of passengers aboard. Every year, the safety regulations and the seaworthiness of the ships are checked and certified. Of course, our sailing ships have all the rescue devices such as life jackets, life rafts and rubber dinghies on board. In addition, all skippers and ship’s mates have a first aid certificates. 


Advantages of a class trip at sea

-          Best Price Guarantee

-          Individual journey planning

-          No booking fees

-          Price reduction when booking with board

-          Combination of tradition and modernity


Receive your offer now

For your next class trip, come aboard one of our modern sailing ships and join more than 1.800 schools, classes and youth groups which already belong to our satisfied customers. Various types of schools, grades, associations and church groups have already sailed with us. Many of them like to come back and book their sailing trip every year.