Multiple Day Trips On Traditional Tallships

Travel the world on board a traditional tallship of the TSC fleet

With a trip on a traditional tallship, you are not only booking a wonderful holiday, but also a haunting adventure. Even though the furniture of the cabins is kept simple, the interaction of tradition and modernity, the fresh air, the team spirit on board and the variation make up the special allurement of every cruise.


The crews of the ships are looking forward to everyone who wants to join them and help them to sail their ships. The familiar atmosphere and the convivialty will stick to your mind. Experience the adventure of classic sailing with one of our multiple day cruises.

Multiple Day Trips 2021

More trips coming soon!

September 2021


October 2021


15.10.21 (Fri 7pm)

17.10.21 (Sun 4pm)

from Rostock (GER)

to Rostock (GER)

248,00 € Rum sailing trip 2021

Albert Johannes

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18.10.21 (Mon 10am)

22.10.21 (Fri 4 pm)

from Kiel (GER)

to Kiel (GER)

549,00 € Relaxed sailing autumn vacation on the Baltic Sea


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