Frequently asked questions

Are the prices on the price list for the entire ship?

The prices on the price list refer to the entire ship, including 2-3 crew members for the selected period (week, midweek, weekend, etc.). For all ships, a fee for the final cleaning on board is to be paid at the end of the sailing trip. The price is between 80.00 € - 175.00 €, depending on the size of the ship. In the Netherlands, the port fees are included in the price, in the North Sea / Baltic Sea you will be charged on board: about 45, - to 95, - per port. These depend on the size of the vessel or the port.

Do I have to bring an identity card or passport?

Yes, a valid ID or passport must be brought along. For students, you will need either a child passport or an ID. Even a provisional ID - if the original one does not arrive in time - is fine. So please remember to check your document(s) for validity before your trip.

Will I get seasick on a sailing trip?

We have explained this question in detail on our page "Seasickness" for you.


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Do I need sailing skills to participate in a sailing trip?

No, you do not need it! Aboard the ship, the skipper and crew will give you a basic introduction to the art of sailing.


 More information on this topic can be found here.

Are life jackets and other life-saving appliances on board?

Of course, our sailing ships have all life-saving equipment such as life jackets, life rafts or dinghy on board. In addition, all skipper and mates have a valid first aid certificate, and some have a lifeguard license.


Further information on the topic "Safety on board" can be found here.

Are dogs allowed on board?

This varies from ship to ship. Basically, it always depends on the type and behavior of the dog. For example, if there is an on-board dog on the booked ship and your dog does not get along well with other dogs, it is better if you do not take it with you on the trip. Basically, taking your dog is not a problem. Just contact us in this regard, we will ask directly at the ship for the current conditions and possibilities.

Are there vegetarian / vegan catering options when booking catering?

Of course, on our order list also purely vegetarian dishes. If the desired food is not intended to be purely vegetarian for all sailors, we can also consider individual persons and offer other dishes.

For vegetarian / vegan, lactose-free or gluten-free costs we reserve the right to charge a surcharge of € 25,00.

Which parking options are there?

In our port maps you will find parking facilities to the appropriate ports.


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From which wind force is not sailed anymore?

From a wind force of 7 bft (very rare), the ships may no longer run for safety reasons. Either the ship stays in the harbor and the skipper tries to use an alternative program, or - which is of course very well possible in the Netherlands with our flat bottom boats - your ship drives through the channels / Frisian inland waters by motor or sail.

Can I pay the costs on board only in cash?

Costs such as final cleaning, additional engine hours, harbor fees and drinks are payable on board by cash only. For example, for the drinks on board, you can ask for an invoice, which you can pay afterwards.

Is the crew catered?

Since the crew are a part of the crew on board, it is customary to cook for the entire group. If you order catering from us, the quantities are already included in your order. If you cater for yourself, you can easily schedule two to three more people.