Motion sickness / Seasickness

Seasickness especially accurs with big waves. In the sailing areas, where the TSC ships are sailing, a big swell isn't usual. Both the Baltic Sea and the Dutch Wadden Sea are shielded from big swells by offshore archipelagoes. Since it comes to a little bit higher waves due to windy days, which coud lead to seasickness, we have some hints for you:


1. Be well rested, when you come on board

Persons, who tend to become seasick, should be well rested when they come on board, because tiredness intensifies the disposition for motion sickness.


2. Take a small snack before you come on board

Before you set sails, you should only take small snacks like fruits or salad. Greasy foods an alcohol should be avoided. By the way: an empty stomach also intensifies the disposition for motion sickness. Thus you should find a mediocrity for yourself. This should also be considered during the trip.


3. Reliable and effective: travel sickness chewing gum

Travel sickness chewing gum (e.g. Superpep) can help avoiding motion sickness during the trip. For a higher dose, you can also make recourse to travel sickness pills. This could be a good way to avoid beeing seasick and to enjoy the trip.


4. All hands ahoy!

Besides that you should anyhow be on  deck during the sailing trip to enjoy the weather, the wind and the spray in your face, this is also good to avoid beeing seasick. Take a look at the horizon and the moving surroundings. Your body will adapt to the motion and tries to compensate it. 

By the way: the bow of the ship usually wangles the most. In the middle of the ship is the calmest place to stay during big swells.


5. No sailor's yarn: no salami or red wine during seasickness!

It's an old wisdom: salami and red wine intensify the tendency of motion sickness. Due to the high amount of histamine, the vomiting centre in the brain is stimulated. Therefore your reluctance is questioned here.


6.Good to know: after 2-3 days everything will get better!


Good news for everyone, who has to deal with seasickness: after 2-3 days the body usually habituates to the new circumstances. You will feel soon get better with the situation.