Sailing area Dutch Wadden Sea & Ijsselmeer from Harlingen(NL)

Suggested route for a 5-day sailing trip from Harlingen (NL) / Sailing in Holland



Arrival in Harlingen, then welcome and instruction on the ship. After bringing your luggage on board, the trip begins in the direction of Makkum. The journey takes about 2 hours and depends on wind and weather as well as the lock times. In this northernmost harbor town on the IJsselmeer, there has always been an important faience industry. The Makkummer Fayancen are world famous and the factories are worth a visit. At the town hall of Makkum you can find the so-called "liar benches", where all matters of the day were discussed. In the evenings, cozy pubs and restaurants invite you to linger, eat and drink.


After breakfast, it's time to leave. The journey takes you to the island of Vlieland. Vlieland is one of the smaller islands, with about eleven hundred inhabitants, and offers peace and natural beauties. After arriving on the island, it is best to first visit the "Noordwester" on the "Dorpsstraat" opposite the parish hall. This is an information center run by Anke Bruin and some volunteers who will tell you all about the history of the island, nature and the various sights and events. In the attic of "Noordwester" an exhibition of the most diverse objects, which are washed ashore in stormy northwest wind on the island, was set up.



Today, the ship leads the journey across the Wadden Sea to the island of Texel. With a little luck, it will glide past sandbanks, where seals roam. Or you anchor in quiet places. The island of Texel offers a 30 km long sandy beach, which you are more than welcome to explore. Or how about a bonfire on the beach?



The ship is heading for "Den Helder" today. The Helder has always had a strong strategic importance and today still has a large naval port. The heavily fortified city, with its many cannons enemy ships, which had aimed at the rich city on the IJsselmeer, provided a very defensive impression. Hence its specific name "Den Helder", which derives from Den Helsdeur - which translated means: to the hell gate.



After a last beautiful sailing day on the IJsselmeer, the ship sails back to Harlingen. The return trip takes about 3-4 hours and your adventure "Sailing in Holland" is coming to an end.