Sailing area Baltic Sea from Kiel (GER)

Suggested route for a 5-day sailing trip from Kiel (GER)


Arrival in Kiel, then welcome and instruction on the ship.

The luggage is stowed and then it is already time for "Cast off!". Our first destination can be Kappeln or Eckernförde. Set sail, knot techniques, turning and cruising ... After an exciting, first day the dinner tastes twice as good.



After breakfast it is now time to "Cast off". The trip will take you to the island of Aero. There, among other things, the lighthouse Skjoldnæs can be visited. Of course, you can also go on a bike tour or play mini - golf. In case of bad weather, a bowling hall invites you to linger.

The evening ends with a cozy barbecue.


The ship can take a course on Funen today. Funen is one of the oldest cities and offers experiences for all senses: from the pulsating city life to the charming coziness. In the city you will find many green oases, which invite you to linger. For example, the charming river Odense meandering through the city center is a popular destination for boat trips.

Those interested in culture will also find what they are looking for in the town of Odense - all styles are represented on the stages, in the streets, parks, museums and galleries of the city.



Today the journey takes you across the Baltic Sea to Langeland. There, among other things, a tobacco barn can be visited. This barn is located about 2.5 km before Tranekaer and is Denmark's only surviving tobacco drying barn. Since tobacco was a scarce good during the Second World War, cultivation areas were created at that time to supply the Danish industry with dried tobacco. At the end of September, it was harvested and then dried in these barns for three months. This barn was completely renovated in 1991 and looks like new today. Right next to it, is still a small field with tobacco plants (Virginia tobacco) that come from the original seeds of the war. Open from the beginning of April to the end of October.



After a last nice sailing day on the Baltic Sea, the ship sails back to Kiel. Arriving at the port, the decks are cleared and your trip is coming to an end.